Arch Iran Med. 2014;17(2):0-0.
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Molecular Pathology and Histopathological Findings in Localized Leishmania Lymphadenitis

Shahriar Dabiri * , Moeinadin Safavi, Simin Shamsi Meymandi, Keramat Yousefi, Manzumeh Shamsi Meymandi, Reza Fotouhi Ardakani, Maryam Fekri SoofiAbadi


BACKGROUND: A rare variant of Leishmaniasis is Localized Leishmania Lymphadenitis which has been occasionally reported from south-eastern parts of Iran. So far, no molecular assay has been performed for diagnosing this variety of Leishmaniasis.
MATHERIALS AND METHODS: Nineteen lymph node paraffin blocks were collected from 1994 to 2007. Parasite load count and histopathological patterns reported on Hematoxylin-Eosin and Giemsa stained slides.DNA extraction was carried out just on the remaining available 7 lymph node paraffin blocks according to QIAamp DNA FFPE kit instructions. A pair of primers and a probe were designed for rRNA ITS region with Allele ID 6.0 software, followed by real time PCR amplification.
RESULT: The most common histopathological pattern was necrotizing granuloma with few Leishman bodies. Parasite load was the highest in submental lymph node (3 ± 1.41 per oil field) which was significantly higher compared to cervical and inguinal nodes (P < 0.05). Absolute load of parasite DNA was detectable in all 7 cases. The positive cases revealed a 201 bpamplicon after electrophoresis of end product which was confirmative for Leishmania tropica.
CONCLUSION: Real time PCR revealed Leishmania tropica as the etiologic agent of Localized Leishmania Lymphadenitis. Although this molecular method is a sensitive diagnostic tool, histopathological findings are still important.

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First published online: 01 Feb 2014
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