Arch Iran Med. 2014;17(3): 0-0.
PMID: 24621356
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Study Protocol

National and Sub-national Trend and Burden of Injuries in Iran, 1990 – 2013: A Study Profile

Esmat Jamshidbeygi * , Hadith Rastad * , Mostafa Qorbani, Soheil Saadat, Mehdi Sepidarkish, Hamid Asayesh, Sadaf Ghajarieh Sepanlou, Farhad shokraneh, Fereshteh Najafi, Malihe Khoramdad, Ahmad Maghsodi, Farahnaz Farzadfar, Hamid Reza Jamshidi, Farshad Farzadfar *


BACKGROUND: Worldwide, injuries are a major public health concern and make a considerable contribution to the disease burden. The present study is a component of the National and Subnational Burden of Diseases, Injuries, and Risk Factors from 1990 to 2013 (NASBOD) study in Iran, which was designed to investigate the burden of most important injuries (road traffic injuries, falls, burns, poisonings and drownings) at the national and sub-national levels in Iran. In this paper we explain definitions, organization, injuries selection process, data sources, data gathering methods, and data analyses of the national and sub-national burden of injuries study in Iran.   
METHODS: The burden of most important injuries in current metric of DALYs at the national and sub-national levels in Iran over 1990-2013 will be estimated through comprehensive reviews of either published or national data sources. Statistical modeling will be used to impute the missing data on the burden of selected important injuries for each district-year.
CONCLUSION: The results of present study can help health policy makers to plan more comprehensive and cost-effective strategies at national and sub-national level for prevention and control of burden caused by injuries.

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