Arch Iran Med. 2014;17(4): 0-0.
PMID: 24724603
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Meningioma Protein-Protein Interaction Network

Hakimeh Zali, Mostafa Rezaei Tavirani *


BACKGROUND: Meningioma is one of the most common central nervous system tumors derived from meningothelial (arachnoid cap) cells.
This paper identiied the network-based Protein-Protein Interactions (PPI) for meningioma compared to healthy controls.
METHODS: Gene expression data, including 384 gene or protein names, were extracted from a number of previous investigations. Out of these 384 proteins, 176 were found to be exclusively expressed in meningiomas and 208 proteins were down-regulated. The networks of related differentially expressed genes were explored using cytoscape and the PPI analysis methods such as MCODE and ClueGO.
RESULTS: Analysis introduced a number of hub proteins and 27 clusters (protein complex) with distinctive seed genes. Identiied ClueGO Pathways based on subnetworks mined by MCODE was composed of positive regulation in RBC homeostasis, dysregulation of transport from ER to Golgi, disruption regulation of cell cycle and antigen processing and presentation of exogenous peptide antigen and neutraliza- tion of exogenous dsRNA. Combination of over-expression of TCEA1, UBE2E1, XRCC5, IFIT1, IFIT-3, MCM2, and MCM7 and under- expression of CDC25A, SEC31A, and CDK6 can serve as a diagnostic biomarker panel for meningiomas.
CONCLUSION: These proposed network-based biomarkers for the meningioma patterns may be helpful in diagnosis, prognosis and treat-
ment processes, although biomarker validation is necessary.

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Abstract View: 648

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ePublished: 01 Apr 2014
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